Fortunately, most cars can be tuned. There are always exceptions where there is no gain. These expections usually apply to vehicles or models of which the ECU (engine computer) security has not yet been cracked and/or where there is no tuning software available (yet).
A power gain between 20% and 30% is almost always achievable with chiptuning. If you have found a chiptuner that deviates significantly from this standard, be alert. Nowadays it is very easy to buy cheap tuning software that is totally not safe for your car. Make sure you always choose a recognized chiptuner that uses high quality software.
It is important that the car is in good condition when you want it tuned. Before making an appointment, the chiptuner will always check if your specific vehicle engine is suitable for tuning. When it is determined that your vehicle is suitable for chiptuning, an appointment can be scheduled. When you come by with your vehicle, the chiptuner will always, perhaps without you realizing it, quickly check to see if the vehicle is in good condition. Does the vehicle start normally, are there any hiccups, has the current software been adjusted before, are there any abnormalities that could affect the tuning? When it is determined that the vehicle is in good condition and can be tuned on paper, they get to work. That is when they check to see if the manufacturer has not installed tuning protection. If it has and the tuner can’t get around it, the tuning unfortunately won’t go through. However, this does not happen too often and the tuning can be performed as usual. When the tuning is installed, we will make a test drive with it. With our experience we will know soon enough if everything works as it should.
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In engines without turbo, the gain after chiptuning is usually small (a few percent) and therefore it is not often performed. However, it is also possible that the power is reduced at the factory, in that case chiptuning can pay off.
It does not matter if the car is an automatic or manual transmission. Nowadays, many automatic gearboxes can also be tuned, which increases the performance of the car.
Your vehicle’s original software can always be reprogrammed. Your vehicle will be completely original again.
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